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What the Goodreads Choice Awards Tells Me About My Reading Habits

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I was looking up the most voted for books in both 2019 and 2020 in the Goodreads Choice Awards and started to pick up on a pattern. Ever since I started to step out of my comfort some in terms of genres I read, I began to read more widely.  I had more variety on my shelves, which is great! I decided I wanted to track my own reading trends based on how much I’ve read the books that were voted for in the past couple of years. We’re skipping any and all non-fiction (memoir, humor, science & tech, and cookbooks, etc).

Here’s what I found:

I don’t read a wide variety of graphic novels, poetry, or middle grade. This is not very surprising. I feel like most people have their go-to authors or series in these respective categories as do I. Not to mention, the books or collections I like may not be nominated if they aren’t as popular.

My thriller and horror reading has increased. This is partly due to joining booksandlala’s Literally Dead Book Club. But a lot to do with the fact that thriller has become an easy, fun way to to escape into a story for me. And I love how subversive horror is as a genre and it’s really been capturing my attention as of late.

While I enjoy fantasy and science fiction this most, I haven’t read very much of it this year. COVID being a huge factor as to why. A lot of the SFF I read does lean toward dystopian or grimdark. And of course, science fiction often revolves around plagues and diseases. You can imagine why I avoided these kinds of stories this year. I’m hoping read more SFF in 2021.

I’m reading way less Young Adult books. I was reading plenty of YA previous to 2020. Usually I’m at least familiar with the most popular releases according to Goodreads but now I’m kind of out of the loop. This is somewhat intentional since I’ve been transitioning away from YA anyway. This isn’t to say I’ve stop reading YA but I’m not jumping on the newest releases. Going into next year, I’m likely reading more YA on the backlist.

I read almost no Literary or Contemporary Fiction. Apparently, I might read 1-2 a year and that’s about it. I’m sorry, but I find literary fiction BORING. Strangely enough, I was more likely to read for Literary Fiction back in high school and during my college years. I wasn’t really into fantasy back then.

I read zero historical fiction (unless you count historical fiction fantasy). I don’t like traditional historical fiction. Especially if it’s about a romance set during some war or another. If it’s more of a period piece like Daisy Jones or Evelyn Hugo, I’ll eat that shit up.

I’ll read romance from time time. It’s not my go-to genre but sometimes I’m in the mood for a diverse, feel-good romance. However, I used to read YA romance. I don’t read very much adult romance unless it’s an urban fantasy or has some other magical elements. I guess the real answer is that I don’t read that much contemporary romance.


Based on my reading habits in the last two years, I gravitate toward science fiction and fantasy even though they aren’t always my most read genres. My interest in both thrillers and horror have spiked. I don’t like literary or contemporary fiction nor historical fiction. However, I’m willing to pick up a romance occasionally. I’m not as up to date with recently released young adult books these days. I can’t afford to buy both adult books and YA books as soon as they’re released, so I’d rather wait until the hype dies down and read them the following year.

This was an impromptu blog post even though I’m still technically on hiatus. Thanks for reading! xo

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