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2 Changes in My Book Blogging Habits Going Forward

The wolf and books_2

For now on I will only review books that I give 3-5 stars to.

I’ve actually been implementing this one already. I find it counter productive to spend my time reviewing a book I didn’t like. After all, I want to share in my love for reading and promote all the books I like and help authors. If I rate a book 1 or 2 stars because it’s problematic than I might go through the trouble of breaking down my reasons.

I feel like negative reviews scare readers away when usually my low ratings are a matter of personal preference. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t really utilized the star rating system this year unless it was in a monthly/seasonal wrap up or I gave the book GLOWING reviews.

Please don’t mistake my lack of critical reviews on her as me being any less honest or not a critical reader. Some of my higher rated book reviews are still critical. Not to mention, I’ve gotten pickier with what I read. The more pickier I am, the higher chance I’ll have a positive experience. And that’s what I’m looking for.

I will be pickier about the #ownvoices YA I read, rate, and review. 

I’ve actually dialed back quite a bit on YA reading this year but the ones I’ve selected were AMAZING. That’s quality over quantity, my dudes. I don’t want to buy, like, 20 hyped YA books only for me to enjoy a few of them. For one, that’s a waste of money. Two, I don’t want to have to rate a diverse book negatively. It’s just…awkward. I’d rather spend my time, money, and energy BOOSTING authors. There’s nothing wrong with an honest, critical review of a diverse book—those types of reviews HELP readers. The downfall of that, however, is that they do not help the authors.

What do you think of my new blogging and reading habits? How have you changed how you review and read books in recent years?



6 thoughts on “2 Changes in My Book Blogging Habits Going Forward

  1. Ironically, negative reviews don’t tend to scare me away from a book, but I can see how it could for other people (any excuse to not read a diverse book imo.) I do think when it comes to the content on a blog, though, that really narrowing down and writing reviews for those books you’re intentionally trying to highlight is good.

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    1. Same! Negative reviews don’t personally scare me away either. Maybe I can still review those but leave off the star rating.

      There are some books I read this year that I may have felt more negatively about if I had to assign a star rating to them. Just because they were so out of my comfort zone. But I ended up just being like, “Huh. That was a new experience.” And that was that, lol. It takes the pressure off.

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  2. I can definitely see the benefits of these habits. I tend to only review 3-5 star books too and I agree with your sentiments about negative reviews. Why should I dedicate time and words to them when I can spend them celebrating the books I love?


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