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#ReadYourTomesAthon Announcement


I’m excited to announce a brand new readathon in which we try to read our most intimidating books, unfinished or finished!

Last year, I didn’t read very many thick books. I was too busy trying to win all the readathons by mostly reading graphic novels, novellas, poetry, and short and easy reads. As a result, I felt like my 2019 reading year was a little lacking. I wanted to see if anyone else was aiming to read larger books this year and it seems like a moderate amount of others are.


Sometimes it feels like if we invest in shorter books, we’ll get through our TBRs faster or reach a higher reading goal. With how competitive reading has become in our community, I feel like some of us think we’ll fall behind if we take too long with a more challenging book.

I want this challenge to be less of a race and more of a way to remember our love for reading in general. Listen, if it takes you a few weeks or a month to finish a big book, that’s okay! This reading challenge is meant to be for fun and so we can root each other on.


  • The challenge is to read as many books that are over 500 pages as you can. This readathon starts now and ends on 11:59 p.m. EST time on December 31st, 2020.
  • You amount of tomes you want to conquer in 2020 is up to you. It can be 1 tome or 25 tomes. It’s up to you!


  • This challenge includes books that are either over 500 pages or just hella intimidating. I won’t be too strict on the page count, especially not for books like Lord of Rings. 
  • This is not limited to fantasy, science fiction, or historical fiction. Young adult, classics, non-fiction, romance, and contemporary fiction all count.
  • You are allowed to count books you picked up before this year but didn’t manage to complete as long as you’ve made less than 60% progress. Sometimes finishing a challenging book is a harder than starting one.
  • Bind ups of full-length novels (i.e. the LOTR 50th anniversary bind up) DO count.
  • I don’t necessarily count bind ups of novellas/short stories, poetry, or anthologies but…I’ll leave it up your judgement.
  • Yes, audiobooks are okay 🙂
  • You can throw an additional obstacle by resolving to only read backlist or owned tomes. If you do buy a 2020 release, aim to read it by the end of this year.


There are no official sign-ups. All you have to do is announce your intention to the join the #ReadYourTomesAthon anywhere on social media, in a video, or on your blog. Link back to this post (unless you’re just doing a Goodreads shelf) to spread the word. You can present your TBR of tomes now or simply update your progress of tomes read as the year goes on.

You don’t have to use my banner cuz I know it’s ugggly. LMAO. Depending on how many people show interest, I’ll set up an online group on either Twitter, Discord, or Goodreads.

Comment down below if you’re interested or if you have any questions!


If you do want to get competitive, I included an additional challenge. I’ve assigned different levels depending on the amount of tomes you read. This part of the challenge is completely optional.

  • Plebian // This level indicates that you have read zero tomes.
  • Novice // This level indicates that you read 1-2 tomes. As a novice, you are only allowed to dust the books and clean up cat poop.
  • Acolyte // This level indicates that you read 3-5 tomes. Reaching the status of acolyte is no easy feat. You are granted the opportunity to continue studying under scholars and even offered similar privileges.
  • Scholar // This level indicates that you read 6+ tomes. You are trained in the arts of persevering ancient texts and get to carry a sword. You also get to boss around both novices and acolytes, but must answer to the Master Librarian.
  • Master Librarian // This level indicates that you read 12 tomes. There are very few of you spread out across the world. You are entitled to special privileges such as your very own special access to the Restricted Section. You are also bound to your title until you die. 

At the end of the year, there will be an initiation ceremony where you can submit all the tomes you read so you can receive your new title! 

Stay tuned for my #ReadYourTomesAthon TBR!


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